About the Linaro Developer Cloud

Linaro has established three Developer Cloud facilities: one in Cambridge, UK; one in Austin, Texas; and one in Shanghai, China. Over time the Developer Cloud may be expanded through participating Linaro member and member partner data-centers, providing cloud regions globally.

The Developer Cloud is the combination of ARM SoC vendors’ server hardware platforms, emerging cloud technologies, and many Linaro member driven projects, including server-class boot architecture, kernel and virtualization. These projects have been under development for several years and Linaro has been delivering them in an internal data-center facility that has been providing bare metal access to ARM servers to key developers since 2016.

The Developer Cloud is based on OpenStack, leveraging Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu or RHEL as the underlying cloud OS infrastructure. The ARM server platforms provided are chosen from Linaro members including AMD, Cavium, HPE, Huawei and Qualcomm, and will expand with demand, and as new server platforms come to market.